Govt. Ayurveda college Hospital for Women and Children, Poojappura, Thiruvanathapuram is the first medical institution of that kind in Kerala under Govt. Sector. The peculiarity of this hospital is that an allopathic wing also working in this hospital. This institution was established on 26.10.1955. There are two departments functioning in this hospital. They are dept.of Prasutitantra & Streeroga and dept.of Koumara brithya. Both the departments are working admirably for the past several years.

There are O P & I P facilities available in the hospital. There are 100 beds in the IP section .20 beds for allopathic wing and 80 beds for ayurveda wing. Out of this 3 are in pay wards & 10 are in paying wards. Out of 80 beds in ayurvedic section – 60 for Prasuti & streeroga department, 20 for Koumara department. A Post Partum sterilization unit, Child Physiotherapy unit, Colposcopy unit, Ultra Sonogram unit , Ayurvedic & Allopathic medical Store, Canteen and a Laboratory Unit functioning in this Campus. Importance of this Institution is that it is the first & reachable maternity Hospital of eastern region of Trivandrum district, where Ayurvedic & Allopathic system go hand in hand. Two Post Graduate courses are going on in this institution. They are M.S Prasuthi-streeroga and M.D Koumarabrithya.

Loction Map

The department occupies parts of ............................................................................

Infrastructure of the department

1 : 1 H O D cum Superintendent room
2 : Professor's room
3 : Staff rooms
4 : PG doctor's room
5 : OPD
6 : IPD-general ward, paying ward, pay ward
7 : Labour room
8 : Minor operation theatre
9 : A well equipped examination room
10 : Ultrasound scan unit
11 : Colposcopy unit
12 : P.P.S unit
13 : Panchakarma unit
14 : Ayurveda and allopathic pharmacy
15 : Night duty room- for PG doctors
16 : Night duty room- for House Surgeons
17 : Office
18 : Nurse's room


Patient Services


There are separate OPD for Ayurveda and Modern medicine. In Ayurvedic wing two separate OPD are functioning for the departments of Prasuthitantra-Streeroga and Koumarabrithya. An average of 60 patients is attending the Prasuthi-Streeroga OPD everyday. Special antenatal& postnatal clinic functions on Monday. Infertility clinic functions on Mondays and Thursdays. Variety cases are attends the OPD. The statuses of postmenopausal women are assessed using the changes in VMI and S.calcium. High risk cases are screened using colposcopy and Pap smear to assess HPV infection and CIN. Thyroid function test are available for relevant cases in an affordable rate.
Monday Dr.S.Y. Raseeyamoney Antenatal,Postnatal
Tuesday Dr.N.Vijayakumar Infertility
Wednesday Dr.Asha Sreedhar
Thursday Dr.Shahinamole.S Infertility
Friday Dr.Shiny.S.Raj
Saturday Dr.Asha.S.T


There are 100 beds in the IP section .20 beds for allopathic wing and 80 beds for ayurveda wing. Out of this 3 are in pay wards & 10 are in paying wards. Out of 80 beds in ayurvedic section – 60 for Prasuthi & streeroga department and 20 for Koumara department.There are 3 units in the department.
P1 Unit Chief Dr. S.Y. Raseeyamoney
Assistant Dr.Shahinamole S
P2 Unit Chief Dr.N. Vijayakumar
Assistant Dr. Shiny S Raj
P3 Unit Chief Dr Asha Sreedhar
Assistant Dr Asha S T
PG Scholars are posted in each units – 2 from each batch ie from 1st, 2nd & 3rd years and are rotated every three months. House surgeons are also posted in one unit for a month.


Ultrasound sonogram unit
There is an ultra sound sonogram unit in the hospital. USS is carried out on Saturdays in an affordable rate. About 20 -30 patients are availing this facility per day and in a year about 1500 patients. PG students and UG students can attend the scan and thereby get ample knowledge of human body.
Colposcopy unit
Colposcopy unit associated with this department also works well. It helps the early diagnosis of precancerous lesions of cervix in many patients. Many patients took advantage of this facility and suspected cases were sent for further investigations.
Labour room
A well equipped labour room is arranged in this hospital. All the medicines to conduct a labour is stored in the labour room
Labour cases
In the year 2011-12, a total of 11 patients delivered in this hospital. Among this 6 were male children and 5 were female children.
Post partum sterilisation unit
In the P.P unit post partum sterilisation, D&C and M.T.P were performed.
A well equipped laboratory is there in the hospital. Almost all blood investigations including HbsAg, VDRL, HIV; urine investigations; card test for pregnancy etc were done at free of cost for the poor patients.