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The department of kayachikitsa has its great history extended up to the early 1950's .It deals with Ayurvedic General Medicine/ Internal Medicine and is the foremost among the eight branches of Ayurveda. The Post Graduate studies in Kerala were introduced primely under this Department in 1971, viz; Kayachikitsa-Panchakarma, Kayachikitsa-Marma, Kayachikitsa- Nethra and Kayachikitsa-Visha. After Departmental bifurcation all these branches were separated and Kayachikitsa department is now confined to General Medicine (Kayachikitsa), Geriatrics (Rasayana) and Infertility treatments (Vajeekarana) alone.

Presently situated at the main building of Govt. Ayurveda College, Trivandrum, the Department provides excellent facility for the Public and is essentially concerned with Patient Care, U.G and P.G education along with Clinical Research activities.

Loction Map

The department occupies parts of Hospital in the Main campus at M.G Road

Infra Structure

1) Well established Out patient room with adequate clinical facilities serving more than 50,000 patients per year.
2) Occupying an average strength of more than 40 percentage of total bed strength, providing service to more than 2000 In patients per year.
3) Four units are designated viz; KC-I, KC-II, KC-III and KC-IV, each constituting a Senior Faculty and Junior Faculty along with Post graduate scholars for the smooth management of O.P and I.P
4) Adequate facilities for Faculties and P.G scholars were provided along with Internet (with wi-fi) facilities, dailies etc
5) Departmental Library with a good collection of Ayurvedic and Modern books is available throughout the Academic hours.
6) A fully Air conditioned Seminar Hall (CHARAKA HALL) is equipped for conducting Seminars and other clinical presentations.
7) Other assets include a well equipped Panchakarma theatre, a mini procedure hall, and a room for conducting special O.P's

Clinical Activities

General OPD

Department conducts daily OP at Room No. 2 in OP block of the Govt. Ayurveda College hospital.
General OPD deals with diseases from the following areas.
* Neurology
* Rheumatology including Joint disorders
* Dermatology& Veneral diseases
* Gastroentrology
* Respiratory ailments
* Preventive cardiology
* Life Style disorders
* Psychiatry
* Geriatrics
* Infertility
* Nephrology
* Urology
* Endocrinology
KC I Monday and Friday Dr.I.Ashrafudeen – Professor &HOD
Dr.Suneeshmon.M.S -Assistant professor
KCII Tuesday and Saturday Dr.K.Ambika- Professor
Dr.Aswathy.S – Assistant professor
KCIII Wednesday Dr. Mini V.G – Associate professor
Dr. Bindu P.R – Assistant professor
KCIV Thursday Dr.Pravith.N.K – Associate  professor
Dr Sanitha

I.P Services

Department occupies around 40 percentage of the total bed strength.
MALE : 10

Special OPD

A special O.P for Diabetic Patients was started on November 14th 2012 and is being conducted on every Wednesdays from 10.00am to 01.00pm at the special O.P room situated in the department itself. The management is performed under strict clinical protocol and timely evaluations. Medicines are provided using HDC fund and more than 700 patients were benefited till now.

Medical Camps

Medical camps were conducted by the department on its own and also in association with House surgeons association and other service societies regularly.