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Home Departments Academic Departments Samhitha Samskrita A.S.
The department is one of the preliminary and integral components of ayurvedic academia. This dept imparts teaching and training of basic principles of ayurveda , ayurvedic history, Indian meta physics (darshana) and Sanskrit language at the under graduate and post graduate level. The subject handled by the department accounts for the largest proportion of study materials prescribed in the first professional curriculum. It is essentially these topics data subsequently assimilated and utilised in the subsequent phases of ayurvedic studies and clinical practice.

As is the case with any scientific discipline, thorough and comprehensive understanding of the principles and theories incorporated are indispensible for the popular appreciation and practical advancement of ayurveda. It is this critical duty that is being performed by the department. Moreover, the process of introduction of ayurvedic subjects to a new comer; who otherwise would be a total stranger to these, requires delicate and sensitive effort. This is central to the process of bringing out excellent ayurvedic experts who are firmly rooted in their scientific concepts.The dept has correspondingly undergone all the phases of transformations which the ayurvedic academia had encountered.

Loction Map

The department occupies .........................................................................


Academic Facilities

The dept has sufficient infrastructural facilities for the routine functioning. There are two separate class rooms for undergraduate students, a postgraduate lecture class, ayurvedic museum, department library, seminar hall and ample staff room and Professors room. The dept has maintained a publication division with separate sales outlet. Around 35 titles pertaining to varies aspects of ayurveda have so far been published. The dept also runs speciality outpatient clinics for three days weekly with an average turnout of 65 -70 patient daily. The department has also been provided facility for 5 inpatient admissions as a part of PG research studies. The department has advanced audio visual aids such as LCD's, sound system computer system with internet connection and such advanced state of the art instruments for enhancing the efficiency of teaching process.

The department library has a rich collection of around 300 titles related to the various aspects of ayurvedic fundamental principles, Sanskrit and meta physics. There is also a well maintained collection of compilation works on various ayurvedic topics as well as the systematic documents of the dissertation works completed so far within the department.

Facilities for Public

The department also possesses a museum with a collection of valuable artefacts, models and charts, visualising the various concepts and principles of the science. The same has been conceived with the students and common public as the beneficiary of the same.

The publication division functioning under the department has been set up primarily for bringing out ayurvedic texts as per the stipulations of the CCIM curriculum. However several rare treatises of the science that had been previously unavailable have also been brought to the light by the publication division. There are around 35 diverse titles that have been brought out by the division and still further are in the process of publication. The frequency of the editions of the titles definitely indicates the utility of the division.


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