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College had a history of 125 years since its origin. Salya tantra department started as Kaya chikitsa-Marma by the year 1971. Both Salya tantra (Surgery and Marma) & Salakya tantra (E.N.T and ophthalmology) specialties functioned under one department-Department of Salya Salakya- till the year 1976. Salyatantra functions as a separate department by departmentalization since 1998.

Faster, better relief to the patients through a unique combination of marma and surgery. Impart experience and confidence to the students.


Department is functioning in the main OP block of Ayurveda college hospital. Salya tantra OP (Marma-Orthopedics) is functioning in OP No.3. Attached to the OP room a bandage room is also live from 8 am to 1 pm.

Major operation theatre is functioning in the 1st floor of the OP block which is equipped with Kshara sootra therapy, Surgical diathermy, Infra red coagulator, high radio frequency coagulator etc which are commonly used in ano-rectal diseases.

Minor OT is also working in the 1st floor where instruments are arranged for para surgical procedure like Agnikarma, Raktamoksha (siravyadha,prachana,jaloukavacharan), Kshara karma,etc. Wound dressing also functions in the minor OT.

Susruta hall is located in the 2nd floor of the main building, where the classes for UG and PG students, seminars, clinical discussions and paper presentations are conducted.

Staff rooms are located both in the 1st and 2nd floor of the building.

Academic Facilities

Theory and clinical classes are taken for the UG students (BAMS). Conducting MS(Ay) PG course in three seats for Salya samanya and Anu salya.
A collection of instruments, models, charts and photos are exhibited. A department library is also functioning here with 267 number of books.Collection of thesis and compilation is also available here.
Annual CME is conducted for medical officers from ISM department and also for the teachers from various colleges.
National and international seminars are conducted in this department.

Facilities for Public

A small museum is made attractive by displaying the models of instruments which belongs to the olden days. A number of photos and models are also displayed in the museum.
Awareness programs
Classes for the public are taken in association with the NSS units of the college.


Patient Services

OPD services -8 am to 1 pm

Marma (orthopedic) OP – OP block- ground floor- room no.3

Monday& Friday S1 Unit

Tuesday and Saturday S2 unit

Wednesday S3 unit

Thursday S4 unit

Treatments available for the following diseases
1 . All types of fractures, musculo-skeletal injuries, sport injuries, dislocations, traumatic-paraplegia etc.
2 . Cervical & lumbar disc prolapse.
3 . Head injuries.
4 . Diseases of spine.
5 . Special treatment for degenerative diseases of knee joints, hip joints & spine.
6 . Varicose vein
7 . Deep vein thrombosis
8 . TAO
9 . Abscess, Acute lymphangitis.
10 . Non healing ulcers.
11 . Tendon diseases

Surgical / Parasurgical OP -8am to 1pm in 1st floor- OP block.

Monday & Wednesday S4 Unit
Tuesday &Saturday S3 unit
Thursday S1 unit
Friday S2 unit
Special Treatment available for
1 : Haemorrhoids
2 . Fissure in ano
3 . Fistula in ano
4 . Pilonidal sinus
5 . Cysts
6 . Abscess
7 . Paronychia,corn,warts
8 . Plantar fasciitis, Retrocalcaneal bursitis
9 . Joint pain & swelling (O.A &R.A)
10 . Ear lobe repair
11 . Emergency management of injuries

Special clinic

Monday : 2pm to 4pm - Sports injury & LBA clinic
Wednesday : 2pm to 4pm - Arbuda clinic
IPD Services
*Bed strength -95 beds are available in the first floor and second floor of the IP block.60 beds are allotted for male ,35 beds for female.
*9 beds are allotted to the ARC (Anorectal clinic)
*A unique treatment is provided to the inpatients of salyatantra department for the above said diseases.


Contact Details

Dr.N.Madhuri Devi
PROF &HOD,Dept. Of Salyatantra
Mobile - 9447743331
Email - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it