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One of the pioneer department of this college, the department of Rachanasareera (Anatomy) and the history of the department dates back to the beginning of the college itself. The department occupies parts of second and first floor of the pre-clinical block of the college building and is one of the most impressive department. The passing years had of course seen the gradual development of the department. The teachers work in concord to bring about an excellent teaching environment at undergraduate levels. A very good teacher student relationship is maintained.

Sareeera is the branch which deals with the study of various aspects of the human body and Rachanasareera deals with the structural configuration of the body .The study of Rachanasareera is very important and its scope is not limited to preliminary study but is essential in clinical practice also. So it has a cardinal role in the study of Ayurveda.

To impart adequate knowledge in Rachanasareera as per CCIM syllabus and to develop proper skill so as to mould efficient physician and surgeons to serve society in health and illness.

Loction Map

The department occupies parts of first and ground floor of the pre-clinical block of the college building

Academic Facilities

Each academic year the department welcomes 70 undergraduate students for BAMS course and students of Para Medical Courses
Lecture Hall
The lectures on Rachanasareera are taken in the lecture hall which is well equipped with audiovisual amenities. The lecture theatre has provision of comfortable seating for 100 students.
Dissection hall
The department boasts of an impressive dissection hall. It is neatly setup, clean and has a very hygienic dissection environment and has sufficient space with sufficient dissection table, adequate lighting, and sufficient air circulating system and drainage facilities are available.
The department takes immense pride and pleasure in possessing an extremely impressive museum. The museum contains articulated human skeletons, anatomical specimens and models. A well stacked collection of bones is present in the museum. Has adequate space for display of specimen, models & bones. The museum has more than 200 dissected wet specimens, 400 disarticulated bone sets along with 2 set of articulated human skeleton and one articulated foetal skeleton, 50 charts and 100 radiographs.
Histology lab
The histology laboratory is well equipped with a large numbers of light microscopes of high quality and fine histological slide preparations are used to teach histology to the students. Binocular microscopes with external display connectivity are present in the histology laboratory. Histology session includes multimedia presentation of large collection of colored histology slides which the students find very useful during practical and demonstration classes.
Department Library
Total 250 books are available, which includes Ayurvedic and Modern medicine book

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