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The Roganidana department became functioning as a separate department during 1998, when the department system was implemented in the Ayurveda Colleges across the country. The department deals with the clinical training of graduate students on the Ayurvedic basics of diseases, methods of Ayurvedic diagnosis as well as the modern clinical methods and diagnostic techniques. This department in facts bridges the Ayurvedic disease pathology and diagnosis with the modern medicine branches like Clinical medicine, Clinical Pathology, Imaging techniques etc. There are OPD and IPD under the department that provide opportunity for the students to understand and practice the Ayurvedic and modern clinical methods and also observe different stages of diseases. The clinical as well as the biochemistry lab, the X ray unit and the ECG unit functioning in the Govt Ayurveda College Hospital, Thiruvananthapuram are all annexed to the department. The Internees are given training in these diagnostic units as recommended by the CCIM curriculum.

Roganidana was only a subject taught in the second or third year of BAM and the BAMS courses before 1998. During 1990, the curriculum of the BAMS course was made elaborate by the Central Council of Indian Medicine, which was taught by the then undergraduate section of Kayachikitsa Department. Later in 1998, when departmental system was implemented in the Institution, the Department of Roganidana came into existence. The teaching faculty of the department are postgraduates in Roganidana or Kayachikitsa (the allied subject) as per the CCIM regulations.



The department functions with the required office space stipulated by the CCIM. It has a well equipped students' lab and a lecture hall. The department is well equipped with the audio-visual aids necessary for effective teaching. The Clinical lab is working in two rooms. One room is situated in the OP block where the collection of samples and the routine haematology and urine analysis are done. The Biochemistry tests and the serology tests are done in the other room. The X ray unit functions in the underground floor of the IP block of the Hospital with the necessary precautionary measures ensuring radiation safety. The ECG Unit functions in the ground floor of the academic block just adjacent to the OP block.

Academic Facilities

The department deals with the subjects – Rogavijnana Evam Vikruthivijnana (2 papers) and Charaka Samhitha – Purvardha for the II Profession students of the BAMS course.
There are OPD and IPD under the department that provide opportunity for the students for practicing in the Ayurvedic and modern clinical methods and also observe different stages of diseases.
The Internees are posted in the Laboratory, X ray and ECG units in order to give training in modern diagnostic tools as recommended by the CCIM curriculum.
The department is conducting Clinical Club, weekly seminars for the undergraduates that help them to improve their presentation skill and self confidence.
The department trains the students for the nursing course, the certificate course conducted by the Directorate of Ayurveda Medical Education


Patient Services

OP Services

Monday/Wednesday/Friday RN I DR. V.K AJITH KUMAR
Thursday/Saturday RN II DR.K.N AJITH KUMAR
Sunday NO OP

IP Services

The IPD under the department provides all facilities for general Ayurvedic treatment available in the hospital.


MALE : 33
Separate Paying wards and Pay wards are also available

Lab services

laboratory is well set with advanced 5 part cell counter, semi-autoanalyser and other equipments to ensure accuracy of test results.
Investigations done
Haematology Biochemistry Serology Urine analysis Others


B.Sugar R A Factor Albumin Stool examination
RBC ALT ASO Sugar Sputum AFB
TC AST CRP Deposits X ray
DC ALP HIV Ketone bodies 12 lead ECG
ESR S.Albumin/Globulin HBsAg Bile pigments
Platelet Count Lipid Profile VDRL Bile salts
PCV S.Creatinine Occult blood
BT/CT B.Urea Specific gravity
Erythrocyte indices Uric Acid
S. Calcium

Cost of Lab tests

Sl.No Name of test Monthly Income Below Rs 1500/- Monthly Income Above Rs 1500/-
1 Haematology Free 15/-
2 Urine routine Free 15/-
3 Stool examination Free 15/-
4 Sputum examination Free 20/-
5 B.Sugar 10/- 20/-
6 Cholesterol 45/- 200 /-
Total Cholesterol alone -
8 TG
9 Creatinine 45/- 60/-
10 Urea
11 Uric acid
12 SGOT 60/- 115/-
14 ALP
15 S.Calcium 15/- 25/-
16 Hb A1c 15/-
17 ASO 25/- 70/-
18 RA Factor 25/- 100/-
19 VDRL 15/- 25/-
20 HBsAg 25/- 50/-
21 HIV 25/- 50/-
22 CRP 25/- 100/-


Contact Details

Dr. K.N.Ajithkumar
Associate Professor
Mob. 09447065067