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The Drug Standardization Unit of Government Ayurveda College Thiruvananthapuram is working under the administrative control of the Principal, Government Ayurveda College, and Thiruvananthapuram. Drug Standardization Unit is a multi disciplinary unit comprising of Ayurveda, Botany, Chemistry, Microbiology and Pharmacology sections.

The unit is facilitating, formulating and promoting the research on the aspects of Ayurvedic drug standardization. The research faculties of this unit are imparting instructions to M.D. students (both theory and practical's as per the syllabus of their courses) of the Department of Dravyaguna, Department of Rasasastra and Department of Bhaishyajyakalpana. They are also giving guidance for the M.D dissertation works from this unit. The unit has conducted many training programs for Ayurveda College teachers, medical officers of ISM departments and R&D personnel's of Ayurvedic drug industries on different scenarios of research.

Loction Map

The department occupies .........................................................................

Academic Facilities


Sl No. Activity Description work Current status
1. Project work M.Sc. students of various affiliated Colleges Continuing
PG Students of Govt. Ayurveda College, Thiruvananthapuram
2. Academic Regular classes for M.D(Ay) scholars as per syllabus Continuing
3. Analysis of outside samples Analysis of samples using HPTLC and AAS from outside the department on payment of prescribed fees Continuing
4. Data Base Data base of drug standardized on DSU is being updated regularly Continuing
5. Training programs Training program was conducted for teachers of Govt. Ayurveda College and Medical Officers with P.G in R & B and Dravyaguna. Continuing
6. National Seminars Conducting national seminars periodically on standardization of Ayurvedic drugs Continuing


Contact Details

Senior Research Officer(Chemistry)
Ph: 9446101687